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Access and Learn, or Volunteer and Create content using text, documents or live and recorded video. We provide a free database of information to aid you in gaining knowledge to get you to the next step in your life’s journey. Because we are a non-profit, our content creators receive verified volunteer hours that help them stand out on scholarship and college applications.

Personalized Help: Get personalized help from our volunteers who can assist you with your specific questions and challenges.

Accessible Resources: Access a wealth of free resources, such as study guides, practice quizzes, and video tutorials, to help you succeed in your studies.

24/7 Availability: Our volunteers are available around the clock, so you can get the help you need at any time, day or night.

Safe and Secure: Our platform is secure and user-friendly, ensuring your personal information and data are protected.

The 30-Minutes Revolution
The average American spend around 4 hours on their phone each day and about half of that is spent on entertainment and social media. If you take just 30 minutes of that time and spend it learning or helping someone else, you could change the world!
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